• Demiurg company was founded in 1996 as a small family company. Since the beginning of its existence, Demiurg took up the development of Dallas technology (automatic identification systems). After several years of efforts, our company gained appreciation from the manufacturer of the technology, the company Dallas Semiconductor, offering cooperation and giving us the title ASD (Authorised Solution Developer).


    In 1998. we have developed immobilizer with alarm function, which was the only immobilizer controlled by a touch-sensitive memories with dynamic code and dual access control. The following year, we created a dual-circuit design of the immobilizer with very small dimensions and hermetic housing. Also this year there were presented two types of access control devices . They can be found throughout the country used on  parking lots, in elevators and places to which only certain people can have access.


    In year 2000 Demiurg introduced new designs of touch memory reader , which met with great interest within the European market and the US market as well. Becasue of the popularity of the touch memory readers, we have stoped the development of Immobilizers  and decided to concentrate on this filed of market. 


    We recently introduced the use of a new design of housing system for DS19XX - UTAH-P,  which automatically meant that all readers with steel ring or header will become TAH type readers .


    The variety of types of readers allows our system builders to continuously develop and improve this technology. At the moment we are working on stainless steel readers , which will not only work with UTAH-P , but will sustain any weather condition.


    Despite establishing the position on the market, Demiurg is still looking for new ways of expansion, concurrently improving on already available products.

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